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About us

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An irreplaceable company
for our customers and our employees.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued warm support.

Based on our corporate philosophy of “customer first”, we will treat our customers with gratitude and a spirit of service, and all employees will work together to improve transportation quality and safety.

In recent years, the economic and social environments have been rapidly changing, and the roles of transportation companies are becoming more diverse as expectations are rising.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you in the future.



  • With company development, we hope for the well-being of our employees’ families.
  • Group Overview
  • Introduction of Group Companies
  • Our History
  • Vehicle Information

Group Overview

Group list
  • IB Transport Inc.
  • IB Total Service Inc.
  • IB Logistic Ltd.
  • IB Corporation Inc.
  • Tire Shop Reve
  • IB Reality Services Inc.
  • East Company Inc.
  • Jyoei Sogyo Inc.
  • J2HUB SERVICES PTE. LTD.【Singapore Changi Airport Freight Terminal】
Total number of vehicles owned by the group
224 cars
Total number of group employees
277 people (as of November 2023)

Introduction of Group Companies

  • Jyoei Sogyo Inc.
    【i deal gift】
    【Singpore Changi Airport
    Freight Terminal】

Our History

May 2015
  • IB Transport Inc. was established.
  • The head office was relocated from Edogawa-ku, Tokyo to Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
March 2016
IB Transport Inc. obtains transportation business license
May 2016
IB Transport Inc. began operations, head office and garage were opened
August 2016
IB Transport Inc. obtained registration approval for its freight forwarding business.
December 2016
IB Transport added an approved garage.
December 2017
IB Reality Services Inc. was established.
February 2018
IB Total Service Inc. was established.
May 2018
IB Corporation was established.
September 2018
IB Transport opened its Sakura sales office and garage.
November 2018
IB Corporation added a licensed garage.
December 2018
IB Transport added an office and garage in Wako.
January 2019
IB Transport’s Keiyo office and garage were opened.
March 2019
  • Established IB Motors Inc. with self-service refueling equipment installed on the premises of IB Transport.
April 2019
  • IB Transport Inc. was certified as Excellent Health Management Corporation 2019.
  • IB Total Service Corporation was certified as Excellent Health Management Corporation 2019.
June 2019
IB Logistic was established.
January 2020
  • IB Transport Head Office was certified as an excellence-in-safety business operator (G mark).
June 2020
The new IB Group building was completed in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture
February 2021
IB Transport Inc. acquired ISO39001 certification for its head office
March 2021
  • IB Total Service Corporation, IB Corporation
    and IB Logistics Corporation were all certified as Excellent Corporations for Health Management 2021
April 2021
  • IB Transport Inc. and IB Corporation were all certified as a good places to work
June 2021
IB Total Service Inc. obtained PrivacyMark certification.
September 2021
“Sendon.com” international forwarding service was launched.
April 2022
Acquisition of Jyoei Sogyo Inc.
March 2023
  • IB Total Service Inc., IB Logistics Corporation
    and Jyoei Sogyo Inc. were all certified as Excellent Corporations for Health Management 2023
October 2023
IB Total Service Inc. acquired ISO27001 certification
October 2023
Acquisition of J2HUB SERVICES PTE. LTD.

Vehicle Information

  • 10-tonne
    wing truck【128 vehicles】
  • 10-tonne truck
    van type【27 vehicles】
  • 10-tonne
    gate trucks【21 vehicles】
  • 10-tonne
    refrigerator truck【3 vehicles】
  • 4-tonne
    van with full gate【6 vehicles】
  • 4-tonne wing storage
    gate truck【19 vehicles】
  • 4-tonne
    refrigerator truck【3 vehicles】
  • 4-tonne
    long truck【6 vehicles】
  • 20KL
    Tanker truck【2 vehicles】
  • 16KL
    Tanker truck【2 vehicles】
  • 20 KL
    Tanker truck【1 vehicles】
  • 1-tonne
    van【4 vehicles】
  • Tire service car
    【2 vehicles】
Total number of group vehicles
224 vehicles (as of November 2023)

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