CSR information

CSR information

Don’t let your thoughts end up as just thoughts.

Since its founding, IB Group has grown by constantly responding to the needs of society and adapting to the trends of the times. With more than 200 employees, IB Group is aiming to reach a new stage as a corporate group.

Through our CSR activities, we will further strengthen our social responsibility as a company that plays a part in your lifeline and continue to contribute to society. We strive to continue as such a company.

The most important thing for IB Group is a ‘shared consciousness’.
Each and every IB Group employee cares about the others and is aware of his or her responsibility to society, and we aim to be a company that makes our families happy as well.

I am responsible for the sustainable growth of IB Group and society, as well as the happiness and prosperity of our employees and their families, and will actively and sincerely act toward addressing various environmental and social issues.

We will continue to strive every day to continue to be your company of choice.

  • CSR Management
  • Commitment to Safety
  • Social Initiatives
  • SDG Initiatives

CSR Management

IB Group assigns a CSR Promotion Manager to each group company.
In addition, we have a dedicated person in charge of overall CSR promotion for the entire group, who promotes CSR activities throughout the organization.
In addition to meetings at each group company, CSR promotion staff from the entire group gather regularly to share information and discuss issues related to the environment and society.

We give top priority to safety and ensure safe driving and operations.
We aim to be an eco-friendly logistics company.
We aim to be a company that is trusted by society.

Commitment to Safety

IB Group is committed to ensuring that all employees are fully aware of the paramount importance of transportation safety and to improving transportation safety by placing the highest priority on human life. In addition to ensuring that safety is the highest priority, we are also committed to environmental protection.

Vehicle Inspection
To ensure safe operation, our crews conduct daily inspections and strive to prevent vehicle problems and accidents.
Safety Meeting
Three times a year, a safety meeting is held with the participation of all crew members to share information on safe transportation, vehicle structure, and operations. In addition, we use a training textbook for commercial truck drivers and conduct tests to ensure understanding and comprehension of the contents of the textbook.
Health Initiatives
We conduct health checkups twice a year to prevent health-related accidents and to manage and maintain the health of our crew members. Interviews with industrial physicians (stress checks) are also conducted periodically. In addition, we will continue to strive to prevent the onset of the three major diseases by undergoing MRI examinations.
Vehicle Information System
All vehicles are equipped with Fujitsu’s DTS-D1D, a model that combines the operation management function of a digital tachograph with built-in GPS and the video function of a drive recorder. We manage vehicle and crew information on a server in the cloud, and real-time GPS, operation status, and crew information are centrally managed at the head office.
Alcohol Checker
We asked the manufacturer to customize the existing roll call system software to be the IB Transport model. We are making uncompromising efforts to prevent health-related accidents by immediately grasping the information of each crew member at roll call and using blood pressure monitors and infrared thermometers. We have also introduced breathalyzers that can be used in conjunction with a smartphone to measure blood alcohol levels on the go.
TPMS tire pressure temperature monitoring system
Tire pressure can be monitored while the vehicle is in motion, allowing the driver to monitor tire pressure loss while in the driver’s seat. This system is highly effective in improving automobile safety and saving energy by preventing tire problems caused by low air pressure and worsening fuel efficiency.

Social Initiatives

As a member of society, IB Group strives to not only engage with local communities, but also work to identify and resolve a wide range of social issues.

  • Donations to Orphanages

    IB Group supports orphanages as part of its CSR activities. We are doing our small part to help these children achieve their dreams.

  • Promoting the Pink Ribbon Movement

    In support of the Pink Ribbon campaign to raise awareness of the importance of early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment of breast cancer, we have installed Pink Ribbon vending machines (at our offices?). A portion of the proceeds from ribbon sales is donated to breast cancer awareness.

  • Installation of Donation Vending Machines

    We support children who are battling cancer and other serious illnesses and their families.
    We have installed vending machines where a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity.

  • Donation to the Red Cross

    IB Group agrees with the Japanese Red Cross Society’s desire to “save people who are suffering” and has made a donation to their cause. For this donation, we were awarded the Gold Medal of Merit by the Japanese Red Cross Society.

SDG Initiatives

Since IB Group’s business plays a role in freight transportation infrastructure, we believe that working hard on our own business will contribute to the development of society and the economy.
Safe operation is a prerequisite for SDG initiatives.
As a company organization, we will proactively address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while fulfilling our roles as a freight forwarder, including “social values,” “contribution to local communities,” “human resource development for future society,” and “diversity and inclusion” to support the company.

  • Donations to Orphanages
  • Smoking Cessation Support
  • Mandatory MRI Examinations
  • 8020 Movement
  • Internships
  • Promoting Women in the Workplace
  • LGBTQ Initiatives
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment
  • Diversity Management
  • Use of LED bulbs
  • Practice of eco-driving
  • Fair Personnel Evaluation System
  • Qualification Acquisition Support
  • Re-employment System for Retirees
  • General Freight Forwarding Business
  • Automobile Maintenance Business
  • 530 Movement
  • Sxafety Meeting
  • Efficient use of packaging materials
  • Improvement of employee eco-mindset
  • 530 Movement
  • LGBTQ Initiatives

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