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An irreplaceablecompany for

our customersand our employees.

We are going to be an irreplaceable company for customers and employees.

About us

Since our founding in 2015, we at IB Group have been working to improve the transportation industry and become a company that transcends the boundaries of transport. We aim to be a business that can contribute to the local community and economy while we constantly work on operational advancements and efficiency. Together with our employees, we conduct our business from the bottom of our hearts. We will continue to take on the challenge of making the impossible possible and further increase value for our customers.


We continue to push the transportation industry forward, creating a new platform with nine group companies(include Overseas subsidiary) based on logistics, and aim to become a transportation company that transcends the typical shipping framework. We are driving innovation.


The best transportation in Japan with the best employees in Japan.
IB Group is looking for people who can improve together.



Shared Consciousness
The most important thing for IB Group is "shared consciousness".
Each and every employee of IB Group is committed to caring for each other,
to fulfilling our social responsibility, and to making our families happy.

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